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2014 High-Score Jumper Yet-Tee
Writingonthewall 9-4-16 Barbara Luna                        System Restore 9-4-16                        Gimme Credit 7-22-16 Abigail                         The Fixer 5-2-16 Lisa Molloy                        Sachopia 7-6-16 Lisa Molloy                            Jungle Juice 7-27-14 ReRun pic3                        Away Game 2-29-16 3                           X Max 12-19-15                        Straight Fax 11-28-15 with Deb2                            Stage Door Sam 9-4-16                            Penella 9-4-16                                  New York Latte 7-15-14 Kari Gillesse pic                        Lake Ensign 6-17-15 with Kate                        Joan's Choice 7-22-15 with Olivia NV pic                       Herd Mentality 2-21-16 with Diana                      Ezpz Lemon Squeeze 2-3-15 barncat Dexter NV pic                              Excess Liquidity 11-11-14 Lauren Sumner2                  Conga Forty 9-16-15 Amanda                  Cat Sweep 7-2-13 NV pic                   Beer Is Good aka Tucker 12-11-14                             Vinny Goodtimes 5-14-16                            Sunny Coast 1-27-14                                Indian Rain Dance 8-15-15 ReLee Restarting and Training2                            Willie                                             threetimesbea
Writingonthewall with Barbara at War Horses at Rose Bower.

TAKE2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program Inc. was created to promote second careers for retired Thoroughbred racehorses as hunters and jumpers. Supported by members of the racing and breeding industries, the program rewards those who compete on Thoroughbreds with awards and prize money in restricted classes and divisions at horse shows across the country, and highlights the success of the Thoroughbred in the sport horse world. TAKE2 classes are offered at more than 300 horse shows in 23 states.

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TAKE THE LEAD Thoroughbred Retirement Program was launched by the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association to find homes for its retired racehorses.

TAKE THE LEAD partners with established aftercare programs to provide rehabilitation and retraining placements for the Thoroughbreds retiring from competition on the New York Racing Association circuit.

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